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Monday, 27 June 2011

SharePoint 2010 : Print Calendar list on a single click

Do you want to print SharePoint 2010 list at a single click?
Yes, now you can print your SharePoint 2010 list in single click using SPPrintListButton solution.
I have provided Sandbox solution which will add new "Print" button on the top ribbon for SharePoint List. As of now I have created for Calendar lists.
Print List Button

Please have a look at my codeplex solution to download and install feature in your SharePoint 2010 list.
CodePlex Solution: Download From CodePlex

Important Update:  After lots of print button image view error requests, updated solution to work with subsites calendar lists. Please visit at same CodePlex page to download updated version.
And let me know if you get previous error again.


  1. This is a great tool youve developed!

    I downloaded and installed it and it works like a charm.

    However, the events overlap dates...For instance an event that is scheduled on the 30th will print overlapping the 30th and the 31st...Any thoughts on how to fix this?

  2. How do I get this to work on SP lists other than calendar?

  3. You link for items other than calendar list is broken

  4. Yes, WSP file is available,
    Please download WSP solution form Codeplex:

    let me know if you want any more assistance. :)

  5. @El Hartley:

    you can change the RegistrationId field from element.xml file in project source copy and then deploy project.
    I have used RegistrationId="106" for Calendar(Event) list. Find your list ID from
    You can

  6. I installed the solution, and I see the 'Print' label in the events tab. But there is no Print Icon, just the text. Does the print graphic have to be placed somewhere?

  7. @Anonymous: could you try to publish image from SharePoint Designer?

  8. Very good job!

    However I have the same problem as the first post (24 August 2011 13:24), I don't understand why the events overlap dates when I print the calendar.

    Have you got an idea to fix this error?

  9. To fix this error, we have to set the calendar's width.

    1. Select "Calendar" from Quick Launch
    2. Site Actions drop-down to "Edit Page"
    3. Calendar’s drop-down, choose "Edit Web Part"
    4. Expand "Appearance"
    5. Choose the “Yes” radio button under Width , and put 12 and drop-down should be inches
    6. Hit Apply

    source :

    Good Job!

  10. Hi Niteen, I also have issues with the Print icon. I checked the folder structure in SP Designer and PreviewImages is created and contains the print.png. But for some strange reason it's not showing up on the Ribbon.

    What do you mean by publishing image from Designer? Should I just re-upload the print.png?

  11. Im having the same problem as @Anonymous. I'm not sure where to publish the .png file. It already creates a print.png in the "PreviewImages" folder in SharePoint designer. Niteen, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Hi, is this also working on sharepoint foundation, because I have uploaded the .wsp file but I cannot activate it. Chris

  13. @Anonymous:

    Sorry, I haven't tested on SharePoint Foundation

  14. But please make sure that you have activated feature. Try to look at http://yoursite/_layouts/ManageFeatures.aspx

    and check "PrintCalendarRibbonButton Feature1" is activated

  15. Hello,

    Thank you for making this solution available -- I think it's what I need.

    I am able to follow up to step #8 in the instructions. When I look at the Manage Features list, it doesn't show up. It shows as an active solution, but it doesn't appear in the Features list.

    Do you have any ideas about why this might happen?


  16. I'm so silly. I was looking under "C" for calendar instead of "P" for print. Everything's fine.

  17. This time I do have an actual issue. I only see the "print" label, not the icon. If I publish print.png to the site with SharePoint Designer, where should I put it?


  18. Hi Niteen,

    Need a help from you.

    I am working on a colour coded calendar,I used the calculated column and written some function to render that column to html using Javascript and the finally the colour was displaying.The issue was When I click on Expand all button in Ribbon the colour was not displaying and html code is displayed.If you have any idea please help me on this issue


  19. Has anyone created a Print LIst that works for the lists on the Page?

  20. this works great now I have to modify for access. png dint work but should have it working in theory the html part should just look for it on the server.

  21. Hi
    is there a way to print multiple calendars in one view?

    1. No, not yet developed.
      Please specify details then I could develop it.

  22. This is awesome. Thank you Niteen.
    I am still having the same issue as others as related to the the Print icon.
    Why can't I see this icon? Has this been resolved?


  23. In reference to the issue above with Sharepoint Foundation from Chris - make sure that sandboxed code service is started in Centeral Administration: Central Administration > System Settings > Manage Services on Server > check that “Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service” service is running

    Solution from here

  24. Greate feature, but cannot get the Print icon to display. Any chance that can be fixed?



  25. Important Update: After lots of print button image view error requests, updated solution to work with subsites calendar lists. Please visit at same CodePlex page to download updated version.
    And let me know if you got previous error again.

  26. Hello,
    I can't seem to get the PrintCalendarRibbonButton to activate. It's just grayed out. Suggestions?

  27. Hi BrittanySmith,

    Do you have full permissions to activate/enable features?

  28. Hi, works great, except I can't see the image of the printer in the ribbon. the print label works. what do I do?

  29. Hi Charles,

    try with